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Skilled Nurses:

Licensed nurses that check temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure assess pain and management, check blood sugar level, perform general body assessment. Perform certain medical procedures within their scope of nursing practice.

Physical Therapist: Provide rehabilitation treatment to restore maximum level of physical capabilities such as to strengthen muscles to assist and educate clients to walk better, prevent falls, use Durable Medical equipment and assistive devices properly.

Occupational Therapist:

Provide activities designed to improve physical and psychological functioning and teach the patient and his/her family in the use of adaptive equipment.

Speech Therapist:

Provide treatments for the management of communication disorders and education for the patient and/or family concerning methods of speech language improvement.

Medical Social Worker:

Evaluate the client’s emotional and mental state and makes suggestions, assists in the processing of forms through Medicare/Medi-cal or other insurances, assists in securing Meals-On-wheels or transportation, assess the caregiver’s continued ability to provide care.

Registered Dietician:

Assist patients and their caregivers in understanding, accepting, and following special diets as prescribed by his/her physician.

Home Health Aide:

Provide assistance in bathing, personal care and light housekeeping.

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Basic Home Safety Instructions


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Green Meadows Home Health Care

Providing Affordable Home Care

There are so many things that make a house a home, but it’s the familiar surroundings and comfort that makes a home special. This is why when an unexpected tragedy, surgery or illness occurs Green Meadows Home Health Care is committed to providing quality care in the comfort of your home. Life situations can create much stress on individuals and their family members; but receiving home care is more doable then most would think and may even be covered by their Medical Insurance Provider.